Easiest way to manage
Local Deliveries


Dingi SmartDelivery API suit allows you to develop your delivery applications for a wide range of businesses: service/food delivery, courier delivery, freight deliver and what not. This suite is designed for flexible business integration.

Order Collection

This API allows service providers to transfer order related info from end users. End user can do it though an App, web or social networking.

Smart Scheduling

Scheduler automatically assign existing orders to different delivery person/team in an optimized manner to reduce the delivery cost, response time and ensure priority of the delivery.

Pickup & Delivery

API that helps delivery person to navigate through the pickup and delivery destinations. It has a turn by turn bangla voice guidance and interactions to capture pickup and delivery completion.

End User Delivery Tracking

One intuitive interface presenting all that you need to manage your fleet.

In App Voice Communication

Enables a customer to track status of his/her order which include location and expected delivery time. In the last leg of delivery he/she can track and voice guide delivery on map.

Payment & Feedback

API that will assist the delivery guy to take payment and the user can give feedback about the service in real-time.

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