Enhance Your Business with The Smartest Map in Bangladesh

Dingi Map

Dingi Map is a free consumer map mainly designed for Bangladeshi user or people who are traveling to Bangladesh.


Bilingual Map and Interface

Dingi Map has native Bangla and English support, both for application and the map. It’s the first of its kind.

Bilingual Voice Navigation

Only map application to provide Bangla voice navigation. We also have English voice navigation for foreigners and those who feel comfortable with English.

Enhanced Map Search

It has more information than any map application existing. Finding your desired place will be easier than you previously thought. Search work on Bangla or English.

Emergency Information

Emergency support will be at fingertips for Dingi users. Locate, find direction or call is two/three clicks away.

SmartFleet Consumer facilitates individuals to track and manage privately owned vehicles through a powerful app. Real time tracking with real time notification on vehicle use, security, emergency, driver behaviour, and fuel-leakage.

Enhanced Map, Core Strength at Dingi

Enhanced map is a core strength of Dingi, specially for Bangladesh. We want to help business to get advantage of our enhanced map and related services through a rich sets of APIs and make their service/application customer friendly and more efficient.


Enhanced Map

Dingi SmartMap contains detailed information of every areas, suburbs, roads, POIs, home address of Dhaka city. Using our Map API will enable you to be precise about serving your customer. And do expect that we will continue to amaze you with further enhancement.

Enhanced Search

SmartMap allows you to pinpoint any location or address in and around Dhaka city through its search APIs. Searching for an address or POIs has never been simpler.

Traffic Api

Live traffic APIs gives you update on traffic, road blockage, traffic delays, estimated travel time- all in real-time for Dhaka currently. Finding least time route is easier than ever.

Smart routing

Bundling detailed Map, enhanced search and live traffic provides the best routing APIs in the market for Dhaka city. Consider the possibility of scheduling efficiency and precision for reaching your customer. We are sure to delight you.