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Our enhanced map, sdk & services contains detailed information of every areas, suburbs, roads, points of interests, home addresses (currently in Dhaka city), landmarks of Bangladesh. Using dingi map API will enable you to be precise about serving your customer. Also, by using dingi SDK you can tailor our map to your specific needs. Do expect that we will continue to amaze you with further enhancement.

Dingi APIs

Dingi APIs Allow you to access map-releated tools & services

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Dingi SDK for Web

Dingi web sdk enables you render highly customizable map on the web

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Dingi SDK for Mobile

Dingi web sdk enables you render highly customizable map on your app

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Types API ৳5,000 Monthly Credit Equivalent Free Usage Monthly Volume Range (Price Per Thousand)
0-100,000 100,001+
Search Auto Complete Search Up to 75,000 calls ৳67 ৳50
Place Details Fetch Up to 12,500 calls ৳400 ৳300
Nearby Search Up to 5,000 calls ৳1,000 ৳750
Reverse Geocoding Up to 40,000 calls ৳125 ৳94
Formatted Address Search Up to 40,000 calls ৳125 ৳94
Navigation and Traffic Driving/Walking Up to 39,000 calls ৳128 ৳102
With Traffic Up to 19,500 calls ৳255 ৳204
Traffic Layer Show Up to 8,000 calls ৳625 ৳470
Matrix With Traffic Up to 19,500 elements ৳255 ৳204
Matrix Without Traffic Up to 39,000 elements ৳128 ৳102
Map Layer Embed Unlimited calls ৳0 ৳0
Dynamic (With SDK) Up to 50,000 calls ৳100 ৳75
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